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      Escape rooms are fun, but they can quickly get confusing.


      When you assign members of your team to distinct escape room roles, you can make sure the experience runs as smoothly as possible! Or if you’re playing alone, then you get to make all the decisions :)


      Assigning roles ahead of time is an easy way to streamline your escape before you arrive.

      Step 1: (if you are playing in a team)

      Decide the roles of your team members. Example roles:

      • The Reader: read out the description for everyone so your team is on the same page and share your screen so everyone can see. You’ll be choosing the answer once the team decides.
      • The Time Timer: make sure not to spend too much time on a single question...
      • The Seeker: google might be your friend!
      • The Decider: make a choice for your team if they can’t agree on one answer, right or wrong, you’ll move on. With the wrong question, you might find yourself going in circles though...

      Zoom backgrounds to use if you fancy (different for each role)

      Step 2: The Game begins

      Suggested time: 30 minutes

      • Make sure you track your time. Try not to take more than 30 minutes..or else…
      • Your time will be counted from when you submit your first answer until you submit your last answer.

      Types of answers:

      • Multiple choice words
      • Multiple choice photos
      • Google form answers -- be careful about format + how you enter the answer. Look carefully at the instructions.
      • There’s a catch: If you find yourself back to the same question again, you might be answering the questions wrong all along!

      Step 4: Game ends...

      • Did you escape successfully?

      • Please share with us one key takeaway from the game or message for the World Environment Day with hashtags #ForNature #WorldEnvironmentDay #Bijulipower

      • If you played with your team, you are also welcome to share a photo from the escape room with your message.

      Step 5: Winners!

      • The winning team will be announced on our BijuliPower social media on June 5, 2020

      • If you want to view how fellow participants played the game, come watch them live today at 15:00-16:00 (GMT +5.45)

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