• Welcome, Earth Ninjas!

      Good news: There’s actually no single evil corporation!

      Bad news: The Earth still needs you to save it.


      Congratulations on passing the first stage to becoming an Earth Ninja. Today was a test to join our elite group.

      You succeeded!

      Now you're officially part of the Earth Ninjas.

    • We are awarding you the special level I

      Earth Ninja Weapon

      for the mission to continue to save our earth!

      To level up, click here!

    • We will announce the winning team of this escape room on our social media and website.

      As promised, we will contribute a week’s worth of food (NPR. 15500 equivalent to USD 130) to families of daily-wage earners, the Safa Tempo drivers who are immensely affected by COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to get more details on this fundraiser, go to this link.